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To get a range, one must first have a range of interest that is not taken care of by the v5 server. The v5 server cleans up a lot more leftovers than the v4 server.

Most of us use one of the result queries from the v5 server and then run a handwritten program or script file to generate a desired list. Right now I wait until the v5 gets all the ranges the defunct v4 server still has and has started to hand out exponents that need testing.

If you want to work on one or a few exponents ahead of the server assigned range you can add them manually to the worktodo file and the client will register them with the v5 server if they are not handed out to someone else. You will need the v5 server protocol for this, so use a v25.7 client or likewise.
Let me be more specific.

v5 says there's a bunch of numbers in the 91M range only at 2^56, and they're unassigned.
Say, I want to take them to 2^62.

Is there an easy way to turn the server's data into a worktodo file similar to the old decomp method?
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