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Xyzzy started a P4 verification soon after the prime was found and has completed 5 million iterations.

Ernst started a run using mlucas on a single-cpu system on Sunday. He estimates 3 1/2 weeks to complete the run. He is at 1 million iterations.

Jeff in Canada started a Glucas run Monday on an 8-way Alpha box. He too is at 1 million iterations and matches Ernst's interim residue. If CPU loads stay low Jeff could finish in just over two weeks.

Tony in France also started a Glucas run Monday but ran into some threading problems. His multi-CPU Sun box hasn't reached 1 million iterations yet. However, he going to try and switch to a 16-CPU Itanium machine. No estimates on a possible completion date.

Mike, Ernst, and I will post progress as it comes in. Keep your fingers crossed!
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