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Here is the graph I made using Microsoft Excel. The first point is (1, 3/2), the second is (2, 5/3) all the way up to (37, 6972593/3021377). As can be seen, the points don't seem to be closing in on a limiting value towards the right-end of the graph.
As far as prime numbers are concerned, that's close
If you take the average of all, it comes out to be about 1.99.
But take the average of the first 8, or the first 11 Mp, = 1.47... ,

You are right about this though, there is not enough data to do accumulative averages acurately.

Edit: I ran the averages, and it tends to get smoother as n gets large, but when it's rough it really rough. This is due to prime number divergence.

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