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I have added unique* index references. Here is a sample from base2primes:
prime 162259276829213363391578010288127 shows up 5 times (107:i1, 214:i1, 321:i1, 428:i1, 535:i1).
prime 163537220852725398851434325720959 shows up 4 times (133:i1, 266:i1, 399:i1, 532:i1).
prime 1282816117617265060453496956212169 shows up 2 times (247:i1, 494:i1).
prime 2679895157783862814690027494144991 shows up 3 times (145:i1, 290:i1, 435:i1).
prime 4982397651178256151338302204762057 shows up 2 times (231:i1, 462:i1).
prime 73202300395158005845473537146974751 shows up 2 times (235:i1, 470:i1).
prime 383725126655170964501315730676446647 shows up 2 times (263:i1, 526:i1).
If you would like, I can provide a full set composed of all the current tables from the table pages.

*Unique means that I do not list the same index of an exponent more than once, so if there is a prime with a power, it is listed only once. e.g. 2^7 at index 12 of a particular sequence would be listed as 2:i12 even though there were seven 2s represented. If the prime occurs on a subsequent index it is listed. The count (X times) still represents the total.

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