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Default PRPnet rally Feb. 18th-25th

Hi everyone,

After a nearly 10 month absence of rallies, we figured it's time to have another. The rally will begin Saturday, Feb. 18 at 7 PM GMT and finish 168 hours later on Sat., Feb. 25 at 7 PM GMT. That is 2 PM EST and 1 PM CST in the U.S.

This time for the first time, the rally will solely be a PRPnet rally as NPLB continues its transition to mostly PRPnet servers. It will be focusing on our 14th drive, that is k=600-1001 for n>1M, in order for the range to play "catch up" with our 13th drive. That means PRPnet port 2000, which should be in the vicinity of n=1.01M-1.04M during the rally. A prime at that level should come in around 1000th-1500th place in the top-5000 list.

PRPnet config info.:
server = ""
port = 2000

Or, in terms of a prpclient.ini config line:

Be sure and change your userID to whatever ID you prefer. Most people use their ID here at mersenneforum. It is also best to set the cache to something in the vicinity of 2 to 10 pairs.

Info. for downloading the newest PRPnet client can be found at PRPnet.

Rally stats can be found at rally stats.

The last few rallies, PrimeSearchTeam has been rather dominant. Let's see if we can give them a run for their money this time.


Primes found during the rally:
 prime             who
695*2^1008532-1  Lennart
663*2^1009098-1  Lennart
811*2^1010419-1  Lumiukko
899*2^1010544-1  Lennart
947*2^1012854-1  Lennart
669*2^1013592-1  Lennart
691*2^1013875-1  Lennart
829*2^1017747-1  gd_barnes
727*2^1018709-1  Lennart
641*2^1018986-1  Lennart
741*2^1027639-1  Lumiukko
703*2^1031219-1  odicin
727*2^1031225-1  Lennart
783*2^1034775-1  Lennart

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