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Originally Posted by dannyridel View Post
The people who found them did not wish to report them on the top-5000 site so Reb had reported them as a generic SRBase person. This turned out not to work because it accumulated a lot of primes for the SRBase person. We were informed by Prof. Caldwell at the top-5000 site that it was not fair to other individuals to have a "set" of anonymous individuals accumulated as one person for top-5000 prime scoring purposes.

The "anonymous" person does not compete with other individuals for top-5000 prime score. It is just ignored for person scoring purposes.

This is standard procedure for large projects who have many people who don't want to mess with reporting primes to the top-5000 site. Both PrimeGrid and RPS have proof codes for anonymous individuals and have used them extensively. This is the first time that CRUS has had one.
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