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For ease of updates, etc., I would like to have a single yafu.ini that will work on all my machines (maybe excluding the AMDs). I currently have that for everything but the tune_info. It appears that I can add all the machines' tune_info into a single yafu.ini and the appropriate line will be used for each machine.

Is there a limit to how many tune_info lines I should use? I have several of a particular i7 and they vary in RAM (or other specs). Should I choose the lower or higher set of values, or are they close enough (if even different) that I would notice no difference?

Thanks for all.
There is no built-in limit. There is nothing computationally intensive about processing them. So, have a ball! If it helps at all the structure of them is:

cpu-string, os-string, siqs-mult, siqs-exp, nfs-mult, nfs-exp, siqs-gnfs-xover, freq

If the line's cpu-string and os-string match the current cpu/os then the rest of the line is parsed and applied, RAM and other system configuration will not enter into it. Really only the siqs-gnfs-xover number is used, the rest is just informational (but parsing expects them to be there - it is not robust to missing info). The mult/exp numbers are constants in an exponential trendline fit to the data measured during tune. The freq is unused, I think tune just assigns it the value '42' for now. Because, reasons.

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