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Originally Posted by bur View Post
Interesting, is it valid for most sizes of numbers? That'd be quite helpful.
Yeah, there are a few threads over years to the same effect. It is.

For smaller numbers/projects, it is very difficult to hit the exact cusp, so the usual rule of thumb for automatic scripts is "if you got the matrix, don't try to sieve extra - it will be a wash" (given that filtering itself is an overhead and together with sieving some more - you will not get any time savings). but for large projects, there can be a huge difference.

One could check logs that are kept in NFS @ Home collection, while binning for similar size, and very rarely you would see that the runner get a very large matrix and still decides to go along with it, and that's of course a fine personal preference. It depends on resources available to the runner; sometimes it is - optimizing for their own. human time, and sometimes it is the external resources (at the expense of human time for doing filtering twice or more).

Many logs (very educationally!) keep several recordings of filtering.
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