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Default Threads relating to Mfactor's history & development

Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
Thread re Ernst's Mfactor program, primarily if not entirely cpu oriented, begins late 2005:

Another thread, re getting set up for CUDA gpu MFactor compiles on linux, begins late 2014, terminating in a batch of questions Ernst had about efficient gpu implementation:
Since that's from very early 2015, nearly 5 years ago, some of them may no longer be relevant. It's probably best to leave it alone for now, until Ernst has a chance to review/revise the list.

Are there more?
Yes. The thread about the shared KNL machine GIMPS bought contains a fair amount relating to TF, in 2016, including comparisons between mfaktc, prime95, and Mfactor factoring performance, build of Mfactor on KNL, timings versus number of parallel execution threads, discussion of op counts, etc.

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