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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
You can test all that for yourself, by pasting the worktodo line I gave into your own worktodo, confirm there is no AID or N/A, confirm your PrimeNet configurations are complete and correct and operational, let it run a while but not so long it does a PrimeNet sync, observe progress occurs with no error yet, check the worktodo still has no AID or N/A, then use Advanced, Manual communication, send new expected dates, or wait until the client gets around to its usual sync, and check again. Check your personal assignments page too if you like.
Of course I did that. I got Pminus1=N/A,1,2,323232323,-1,3232323,323232323, as expected. This is consistently a few seconds after startup, nearly immediately. Everything else would be a bug, since Prime95 would need to try to reregister this assignment on every startup since it cannot distinguish between "not tried" and "not successful". This is on one of my machines which are doing P-1 regularly, so I guess there might be some other option that differs between our versions. I have not tried to change the worktodo.txt while Prime95 was running since I deem that bad habit. I never had the problem that I had to wait for the next communication timeframe for new worktodo lines to be registered or being in need to force manual communication. Quite the contrary, when using worktodo.add, it will register everything immediately as soon as Prime95 grabs the .add file.

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