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M5211229 gave me a 114.058-bit P-1 factor (21623513459060090628814036845352337) (an all-time personal best by almost 8 bits) and a separate 90.559-bit stage 1 P+1 factor (1824415976895261507796344041).
Those were both logged in the 2 PM local (America/Chicago) hour Sunday, while I was sleeping (I didn't wake up until after 7 PM local Sunday night). Less than 11 hours later, just after 1 AM local Monday, I beat my personal best again:

275190978175938200476768961501749313 for M5211289 (B1=2,500,000, B2=240,000,000) (117.728 bits)

Sadly, no bonus P+1 hit for this one.
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