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Originally Posted by Jacob View Post
The problem is this isn't the case. Some users know the first name of others (probably because of private messages or other communication.) This leads to another "insiders crowd" within the forum. New users and those that do not have a good memory for names would have to search the forum to try and find how to call others.
One "insiders crowd" is the moderators and Administrators. They have access to information that most users don't have access to.

The English "What is your name?" is freely translated to Spanish as ┬┐Como se llama? The literal translation of this to English is, "What do you call yourself?" In this Forum, that would be the username. That's the name that appears in quoted passages of their posts by default.

I have experimented by replacing the default username in the above quotation with the name in the user's public profile. Success!
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