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Originally Posted by S485122 View Post
The issue of signatures in the posts by users has been discussed recently.

But how should one address users like kriesel "TF79LL86GIMPS96gpu17" (kriesel ? , TF79LL86GIMPS96gpu17 ?), M344587487 "Composite as Heck", retina "The unspeakable one", science_man_88 "Forget I exist", Uncwilly """"""""""""""""""" or xilman "π’‰Ίπ’ŒŒπ’‡·π’†·π’€­" (I never found out what that last name means, I must say I didn't put a lot of time in my search and I do remember Paul's name.)
My name field contains my first given name and my family name, in that order.

Don't blame me if you can't read Sumerian syllabic characters. Another poster demonstrated that he could read it easily enough, though I can't find that post right now. It is probably somewhere in the Languages sub-forum.

Found it:

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