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I'm planning to make a greater change for the handling with Riesel and Proth templates:
To avoid using two different templates for 'normal' Riesel/Proth numbers (base=2) and General Riesel/Proth numbers (base>2) I will add a new parameter for the base into the templates.
Therefore the page-naming for Riesel/Proth numbers will change, too, including the base, so from "Riesel prime 125" to "Riesel prime 2 125" and from "Gen Riesel prime 5 2" to "Riesel prime 5 2", same manner for Proth side.
This means an easier way in handling those templates (two instead four).
Unfortunately all links to a special k-value outside the Wiki won't work anymore and I will not create any redirects.
This will be done first for the Proth side (small amount of pages), later Riesel side is done.

I've also managed to store information of General Fermat numbers, but still need some more templates (Fermat numbers) and testing, so please don't add more GFN-divisibilites to any Proth number. A test can be seen here to create tables like on
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