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Default 16-pass Windows builds

These were built using msys2 on a Windows 7 X64 Pro dual-Xeon E5645 system. They are single threaded because that's all that build approach supports.
Differing number of words allows for fast runs on small operands, and for bigger factors and exponents. See the mfactor bits table attached to post one of this thread.
These were built for the common base of 64-bit Intel compatible cpus, not the higher SSE2, AVX, AVX2, or AVX512 flavors, so should run regardless of processor model. (Those higher processor capabilities are only supported for a subset of word lengths, as shown in the bits table attachment of post 1, but would give higher performance where supported.)

After renaming factor.c.txt to factor.c, these were built by the following:
gcc -c -Os ../get*.c && rm get_preferred_fft_radix.o
gcc -c -Os ../imul_macro.c ../mi64.c ../qfloat.c ../rng_isaac.c ../two*c ../types.c ../util.c
gcc -c -Os -DFACTOR_STANDALONE -DTRYQ=4 ../factor.c ../get_cpuid.c
gcc -o Mfactor-base-1w *o -lm

gcc -c -Os -DFACTOR_STANDALONE -DTRYQ=4 -DP2WORD ../factor.c
gcc -o Mfactor-base-2w *o -lm

gcc -c -Os -DFACTOR_STANDALONE -DTRYQ=4 -DP3WORD ../factor.c
gcc -o Mfactor-base-3w *o -lm

gcc -c -Os -DFACTOR_STANDALONE -DTRYQ=4 -DP4WORD ../factor.c
gcc -o Mfactor-base-4w *o -lm

gcc -c -Os -DFACTOR_STANDALONE -DTRYQ=4 -DNWORD ../factor.c
gcc -o Mfactor-base-nw *o -lm

I believe based on comparing file dates and release dates these were created from source files released with Mlucas V19.0.

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File Type: exe Mfactor-base-3w.exe (902.8 KB, 114 views)
File Type: exe Mfactor-base-4w.exe (904.3 KB, 115 views)
File Type: exe Mfactor-base-nw.exe (893.2 KB, 81 views)

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