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Originally Posted by kriesel View Post
Benford's well the known Mersenne primes followed it... Any ideas why?
I have looked at both aspects independently..and you may want to look at Finch's reference texts for some insight. Following some of the papers on Benford's law and its justification leads to some very intricate and general statistical results. Rather than look at the numerical properties of the Mersenne primes, I've looked at the algebraic roots and justification for designating a Mersenne prime as such. Both aspects of your question can be appropriately combined and generalized when you are able to compare and contrast the mathematics and logic comprising both. Rather than asking "why" understanding the "how" first provides the foundation for the former. The "to a man with a hammer every problem looks like a nail" adage is something to be aware of. Looking at your question topologically will give it a different spin and complicate things due to the other mathematical baggage that comes with it but you should see a few things specifically more clearly and you can crunch the numbers to bring these connections into view.
Sorry for the diatribe and I really appreciate your posts regarding gpu's..good stuff!

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