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Originally Posted by Uncwilly View Post
Why have you divide what should be 1 post into 2 parts in 2 threads?
Relax, nothing nefarious. There is logic to what I do, whether it is apparent or not.
A reference post in my blog I can edit, extend, and correct indefinitely. The purpose of the blog is to house my reference posts and threads.
This avoids bloat from duplication, and stale or wrong content lingering.

The post beginning this thread is brief and serves a different purpose, asking about the math, in the hope that a skilled mathematician can illuminate us. I can not update a post here after one hour. It seemed to me not at the level fit for math or number theory threads, so it's here.

I've tried a few different statistical tests on the observed distributions, and they are in considerable disagreement as to whether the variations could have been due to chance.
Pearson's, m and d.

Benford's law has scale invariance. Number size expressed in digit counts of different bases (2, 10, 16) seem like unit changes, which don't affect Benford's law. Over 50 samples or even 30 is workable in some statistics.

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