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When you are done there could I interest you in bringing that kind of P-1 power to these ranges to help with my sub-2000 project:
48.4, 49.6
It's just over 1,500 exponents with similarly low B1=B2
I will probably first go over all exponents under M48 with B1=B2<700,000 and no DC. That's gonna be at least until this year's end. Then I will either go into sub-2000 project or "regular" first-time P-1, or do both.

Also don't think that is lots of P-1 power. I'm currently just over 120 GHz-d/d and will soon go down to around 40 GHz-d/d. If you have over 1,500 exponents spread in 2*0.1M ranges I will probably take only 0.01M at a time.
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