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I think Wikia isn't a good idea:
- the mass of advertising is overloading any page
- there seems no access to all areas of the wiki
- no multilanguage?

Many parts like php via Putty, DBacces via xammp (or like), installing extensions and other things may be restricted.
More than two years of my own Wiki (for jigsaw puzzles) I consider for a long time to create a math Wiki instead of my "Riesel and Proth Prime Database" Page, but the handling should include not only pages, but also a database via php for numbers/primes to show/store/add them.
My Wiki is multilanguable (by now German + English), all templates are created to make the users work easier and lesser: you don't have to know Wiki-syntax or language. By now there're 30,000 pages and counting every day. I have to upgrade to a newer version, too (1.25 now) and also plamming to move to an own domain, but not yet time to do so. When moved, I could install a math-Wiki on rieselprime then.
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