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I've used a different algorithm to calculate and print the sequences.

- no double edges or missing (for example n=104 ending in 41p)
- all perfect/amicable displayed correct (like 496 or 1182/1210)
- "Open Sequences" printed when greater as a given maximum (mostly on righthand side)
- 'lonely' values like '5' not printed
- the code is much smaller (~ 90 with comments against ~200 lines)

Inlcuded is the graph-file for dotty for the range up to n=2000 and the lua-source.

I've tested also n=10000 but dotty needs some time to display and will not show the whole range of sequences (dotty-dispaly to small for all).

I've not yet displayed special shapes like to original version.

Please test/play with and tell errors.
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