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Originally Posted by ldesnogu View Post
For what's it's worth, I use the nm command (with -v option to sort by value) for variables and functions. Of course that won't help for dynamically allocated memory.
Thanks, Laurent - that is worth quite a lot, as it's just what I needed: I had already added debug-printing of dynamically allocated memory blocks, and saw that the addresses flagged by valgrind/DRD were falling outside those address ranges, so I figured it was local storage of some kind. With the binutils "nm -v" dump, I see immediately that I had not been sufficiently careful to get rid of all remaining static variables (except for those of the read-only variety) from my || implementation of the code in question. Fixing that gets rid of most of the "Conflicting store" error messages ... ah, looks like I also need to add a bit of mutex magic to some routines, to make sure the local-array storage (which I use for SSE register-data constants and register spill management here) gets initialized by the master thread before any of the other threads try to read it.

DRD looks like it's going to be a very handy tool to have around.

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