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Originally Posted by gLauss View Post
... with high power costs (30ct/kWh) it is usually cheaper to run it on the hardware one already owns ...
I cut off the last part about if-you-already-have-the-hardware because I don't think it matters. Unless one only plans to run for a few weeks, or maybe a few months at most, and then quit. After the initial payback time running your own setup will cost less overall.

It makes perfect sense because a commercial company wants to make a profit, so you aren't going to be able to pay less for cycles, and also pay them a premium towards their profit.

It is a fallacy about how since they pay lower power prices because of scale, then that somehow means you can benefit from that. You would be treating them as simply a power reseller. And power resellers also have to make a profit. Which is why when we buy power from resellers it ends up costing the same anyway. And add in the extra hardware capital costs and worker's salaries and whatnot, and that surpasses any possible power savings.
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