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Default Prime95 30.7

Prime95 version 30.7 build 9 is available.

P-1/P+1/ECM users should consider upgrading to help with testing. Intel Alder Lake users definitely need to upgrade to iron out any issues. Win11 users should also consider upgrading to test for affinity issues. First time PRP users can consider upgrading for the P-1 stage 2 speed boost.

WARNING: If you upgrade in the middle of P-1/P+1/ECM stage 2, then all your stage 2 work will be lost -- stage 2 starts from scratch.

From whatsnew.txt:

1) Better prime pairing in stage 2 of ECM/P-1/P+1.  This usually results in slightly better
   stage 2 timings or less memory used.  Save file formats changed - upgrading to 30.7 while
   ECM/P-1/P+1 work is in stage 2 will result in stage 2 being restarted from scratch.
2) P-1 converted to use P+1 style stage 2.  From the users perpective there is no difference.
   Internally a modular inverse is required at stage 2 init, but there is one multiplication
   saved for every D-block processed.  For all common P-1 cases, this is a little faster.
3) ECM/P-1/P+1 no longer use a bit map for prime pairs.  Instead a compressed pairing map is
   created to save memory.  For large B2 values this also results in fewer calls to generate
   pairing maps.  It also makes stage 2 save files smaller.
4) Some minor changes in AVX-512 FFT crossovers.  ECM/P-1/P+1 all changed to rollback to the
   last save file and switch to a larger FFT size should an excessive roundoff error be
5) Support for asymmetric processor architectures such as Intel's Alder Lake.
6) Torture test dialog now asks for number of cores to test along with a "Use hyperthreading"
   checkbox.  Previously, the dialog box asked for total number of torture threads to execute.
7) Versions 30.4/30.5/30.6 were underestimating the cost of P-1 stage 2 relative to P-1 stage 1.
   Expect this version to use lower stage 2 bounds in P-1.
Download links:
Windows 64-bit:
Linux 64-bit:
FreeBSD 64-bit:
Windows 32-bit:
Linux 32-bit:
Windows 64-bit Service:
Windows 32-bit Service:
Please report any bugs you may find by email or posting in this thread.

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