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Attempted a couple manually assigned test wavefront PRPs which both needed P-1 first.
V6.11-380 gpuowl manually. With lots of notes and screen captures along the way.

On the first one, I did some progress updating using CURL which sort of converts an assignment from manual.
Used curl to report 99% s2 progress.
Then manually reported the completed P-1 NF ~5 minutes later.
A check of the exponent status showed a P-1 result report in the history, and a 99% complete S2, a contradiction.
Then used curl to report its brief PRP progress to correct the status.

Second one, no curl progress reporting ever, completed and reported the P-1 NF for the PRP assignment.
The PRP assignment remained.
Assignment status shows it as PRP, no stage, no %. It would seem reasonable to assume it at stage PRP 0% after getting P-1 NF. And reasonable to take the stance the server should assume nothing.

So, was unable to reproduce the PRP-assignment-disappearance, but found something new, a contradictory status creation method I guess. Server seems not prepared for a mix of manual and primenet activity on the same assignment. Not surprising really. I would probably not have gone looking for that kind of trouble either, while coding or debugging server scripts.

And maybe that fail to reproduce the issue is because George already attempted a fix. (Dueling threads, for more fun!)
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