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Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
Ernst, are you gonig to implement "proof certification" soon?
That's gonna be the major feature add for v20.1. I am hopeful that that will need less time than the p-1 proof-of-principle-work-and-code-it-up did. No fundamental new algorithms or flavors-of-modmul (p-1 needed several new ones of those) needed, just compute a bunch of interim proof-related residues and deposit in files along the way. Teal & Dan's is already being enhanced by them to support proofs, so I can focus on the data-processing side of things.

Originally Posted by paulunderwood View Post
No. It is the 2 core chip. The N2 is 2+4 cores: a53+a73. I am running P-1 on the a53 and PRP on the a73.
Doing standalone p-1 on the weak a53 seems like a good use - the a73 can do PRPs in not-completely-hopeless time, but uses very little of your 4GB RAM. Do you have any numbers on how much the a53 p-1 is slowing your a73 PRP testing, due to competition for memory bandwidth?

Originally Posted by tdulcet View Post
I just pushed the changes to the install/setup script and PrimeNet script for Mlucas v20 to my repository. I wanted to wait until v20 was officially released before doing so. Anyone interested can see the full changes here (scroll down the page).
Great - thanks. I'll modify the OP accordingly.

As a side note, one of my systems testing standalone P-1 factoring with Mlucas v20 beta just found its first factor: 105310747.
Congrats! AFAICT yours is the first v20-found factor - 'tis a modest stage 1 factor, but still. All my early beta-test runs were reproducing known stage 1 and 2 factors which I extracted from my gpuowl-on-R7 results files, and past 2 weeks have run a dozen-or-so p-1 jobs on status-unknown expos ~110m on my 2c/4t avx-512 NUC, but none found a factor.
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