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Originally Posted by Prime95 View Post
Try renaming gwnum.txt. Restart prime95, will the exponent now run? If so, email/PM the gwnum.txt file to me. Thanks.
On Xeon Phi 7210 that ran M660M P-1 until a prime95-initiated benchmark interrupted progress, then won't resume:

Stop all prime95 workers
rename gwnum.txt wasgwnum.txt
reintstate M660M P-1 as first line of worker 1 worktodo by notepad edit
continue all workers

Issue with fft for M660M P-1 reoccured. Maybe it only reads gwnum.txt on startup. Try again, more thoroughly.

Stop prime95 workers
verify there's no gwnum.txt by name sort in the working directory in explorer
Exit prime95 completely
Use task manager to verify prime95.exe is not running at all
Relaunch prime95 v30.5b1 with a double click

Prime95 resumes M660M P-1, ETA ~1.5 weeks

Check for a gwnum.txt email attachment, George, & thanks!
(at 122KB, much too big for a PM. FYI, Xeon Phi 7250 system that could not even start it, has a 133KB gwnum.txt. Laptop that could continue it has a 9KB gwnum.txt. Stealth size limit?)
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