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(last updated 2021-03-16 11:30:06 UTC, updates every 15 minutes)

All exponents below 54 480 799 have been tested and verified.
Countdown to verifying all tests below 55 million: 35
Countdown to verifying all tests below 56 million: 2 343 (1 581 available)
Countdown to verifying all tests below M(57 885 161): 19 918

Relative to post 1, 4.5 days, 20643-19918 = 725; 161.11.../day.
An optimistic extrapolation indicates ~ 124 days (4 months) to go. Approximately late July 2021.
(Optimistic for at least these reasons:
as p increases, each is more work, estimated as about 7% more effort per exponent for 57.88M compared to 56M;
as a milestone is approached, more of the DC effort lands above the milestone, lowering rate of exponents/day below the milestone;
to the extent that effort is a function of school or vacation schedules, summer can show lower throughput;
to the extent effort is affected by air conditioning cost, summer can have lower throughput)

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