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Post New Install Script for Linux version 3

Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
Ah, forgot to note - those incorrect reference residues for the huge-FFT self-test are low-priority, I've added them to my v20 to-do list.
OK, thanks.

Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
I plan to release 19.1 in next few days, first need to play with your recently-enhanced build&tune script so I can add suitable text about that to the README page. More feedback soon.
Great, I will look forward to that. I cannot seem to update my attachment on post #83, so I attached a version 3 of the new install script for Linux to this post with some minor fixes. It will now correctly generate the combinations of CPU cores/threads to test (step #1) on systems where the number of CPU cores is not a power of two (mainly VMs). It will also handle the case where the FFT lengths in each mlucas.cfg file from step #2 are not all the same, for example if one or more of the files is missing one or more FFT lengths. I am not sure if this case is possible without their being a bug in Mlucas, but the script should now handle it. Everything else from post #83 still applies, except the exit command to remove is now on line 400.

Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
-march=native is a good suggestion, alas it did not cure the illegal-instruction issue with that one .c file in my KNL build. However, it should allow me to simplify the manual-build instructions on the README page, for the same reason you note above. This is the first such GCC bug I've hit in my KNL builds of various Mlucas releases, so since very few people have a KNL and even fewer of them run Mlucas on it, one hopes this sort of issue continue to be a rare glitch over coming GCC releases.
With the new install script for Mlucas v19.1, users will be able to run export CC=clang before the script to build Mlucas with Clang instead of the default GCC, which would be another possible workaround, if anyone else has issues with GCC.

@ewmayer BTW, I just saw your thread over on the Linux forum from a couple years ago and I thought I should note that the install script will automatically create a script and cron job do that by default. Early versions of the script put the commands to run both Mlucas and the PrimeNet script entirely in a cron job, similar to what is described in that thread, but on systems with many CPU cores, the cron job was too long, so as of a few months ago, it will put the commands in a separate obj/ script, which is then automatically run from the cron job. (The attached version is of course for testing and will not do this unless you remove the exit command as described in post #83.)

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