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Post 🆕 New Install Script for Linux

Originally Posted by ewmayer View Post
@tdulcet - yes, off-by-one indexing error is precisely what it is - good catch.
Great, thanks for fixing it so quickly!

I attached the new version of my install script for Linux, which implements @ewmayer's steps 1-4 from post #71 and I will push it to GitHub after v19.1 is released. This attached version of the script is for testing and will automatically download, build and partially setup Mlucas as described in post #71. It will also download the required new v19.1 Mlucas.c file from post #73. The command line arguments are not used, so users can just run it with bash

To completely setup and run Mlucas for production with the PrimeNet Python script, remove the exit command on line 354. In this case, users will need to provide the command line arguments if the defaults are incorrect.

As with the previous version, it will generate two tables (the fastest combination and the rest of the combinations tested) like these for my 4 core/8 thread Intel system for example:
Fastest combination
#  Workers/Runs  Threads        First -cpu argument
1  1             4, 1 per core  0:3

Mean/Average faster     #  Workers/Runs  Threads        First -cpu argument
1.020 ± 0.103 (102.0%)  2  2             2, 1 per core  0:1
1.092 ± 0.263 (109.2%)  3  4             1, 1 per core  0
1.058 ± 0.075 (105.8%)  4  1             8, 2 per core  0:3,4:7
1.043 ± 0.067 (104.3%)  5  2             4, 2 per core  0:1,4:5
1.084 ± 0.168 (108.4%)  6  4             2, 2 per core  0,4
The two tables show that 4-threaded with 1 thread per core is ~1.06 times faster then 8-threaded with 2 threads per core for example.

On many the systems I have tested it on so far, I actually get significantly different results than the previous version that directly compared the adjusted msec/iter times from the mlucas.cfg files. I would be interested to hear whether other people get the results they were expecting. Feedback is also welcome.

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