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I just want people to be able to use it on any OS, not just Windows/Linux. Seriously, there are some people who'll do things for free. I've been factoring numbers, and I don't expect payment for that, even if it's a number that someone requested me (or some other person) to factor. I've even factored numbers that have been uploaded by Storflyt32, cmd, and other members, bots, etc. who have/had accounts here. I'm sure there are others who do this as well (i.e. people who work on FactorDB, such as C factorers and PRP provers). I'm 28 years old, and I consider it very offensive when you call me a kid. Please don't call me that again. I've had this happen on other sites, too. They think I'm younger than I really am, and it's all because of my special needs. I'm a LOT smarter than you think. In fact, I think that Przybylski's Star has elements in it that we haven't discovered yet, possibly even elements beyond Z=137.
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