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Default Status update SR383

From the range n=200,001 to n=1,000,000 there is a total of:

346,889 Sierpinski tests remaining
51,373 Riesel tests remaining

There is 1 previously reported prime for S k=454 since last status

All Riesel k's is tested to n=439000 and has had no progress since last update, due to starting up the Twin Conjecture.

The test depth of the remaining k's on the Sierpinski side is:

2 (1M)
32 (760K)
44 (552K)
50 (395K)
94 (434K)
98 (417K)
104 (389K)
118 (390K)
128 (620K)
158 (389K)
186 (389K)
226 (389K)
338 (390K)
368 (389K)
376 (389K)
388 (389K)
406 (390K)
428 (389K)
434 (389K)
470 (389K)
526 (389K)
556 (389K)
574 (389K)
580 (390K)
634 (389K)
638 (389K)
706 (389K)
716 (344K)
724 (344K)
754 (344K)
788 (344K)
796 (344K)
844 (344K)
850 (344K)
902 (344K)
932 (344K)
970 (344K)
974 (344K)
998 (344K)

I expect no interruptions for the next 6 months, so I do anticipate a far greater progress. In the next update, k=32 and k=128 will both like k=2 be at n=1,000,000 - this will allow the sieve file eventually send to YOYO, to sieve faster. k=2, k=32 and k=128 is very low weight and therefor the benefit of testing them to n=1M and remove from the sievefile before completing the other k's to optimal sievedepth is greater than saving a few tests due to factoring between 1.75P and 4.4P

Take care and stay safe
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