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Latest improvements/updates from the technical discussions.

For an exponent around 100,000,000. We can default to power==7, requiring 1.5GB of disk space during the test, and a 100MB proof file to upload. The server can relatively quickly convert this to a 12.5MB file to store on the server until verification is complete. This 12.5MB file can be sent to a verifier that runs 0.8% of a full PRP test, returning a 256-bit code to the server. Assuming a match, we're all done!

The math looks good that results cannot be faked. The original PRP tester can even be sent the verification work and cannot fake the verification!

The PRP tester could go one power higher which doubles required temp disk space and proof size increases by 12.5MB, verification time is cut in half. Or conversely PRP tester could go one power lower, halving required temp disk space, 12.5MB smaller proof file, and doubling verification time.
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