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Post Install Script for Linux

I wrote a script to download, setup, build and run Mlucas on Linux. It supports x86 Intel and AMD and ARM CPUs:

If the required dependencies (Make and the GNU C compiler) are already installed, it should work on any Linux distribution. Otherwise, it will install the required dependencies on Ubuntu and Debian/Raspbian. Pull requests are welcome!

By creating a Makefile and using Make's jobs (-j) feature with one job for each CPU thread, this script will build Mlucas significantly faster than if you manually ran the gcc commands in the Mlucas README. For example, if your CPU has four CPU threads, it will build approximately four times faster. This script follows the recommended instructions on the Mlucas README for each architecture and CPU, which should provide the best performance for most users. It also saves the Makefile so users can easily change the gcc parameters and rerun make.

There is a log of the script running on Travis CI here. Note that there are over 20,000 lines of output, most of which are warnings from gcc. There are also separate scripts to download, setup and run Prime95 and CUDALucas on Linux.
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