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ECM on a C213, the last divisor of (34*10^229-61)/9 with sigma=1:3941682105:

Using B1=2900000000, B2=82640965106716, polynomial Dickson(30), sigma=1:3941682105
********** Factor found in step 2: 35020442769329876367522852735060830348867981850170604303099578467
Found prime factor of 65 digits: 35020442769329876367522852735060830348867981850170604303099578467
Prime cofactor 6463948784722816185901384621852688761921664616020783901443547268726228461664676485561963639543974467240297445194995726733180417921657435498535243769 has 148 digits

The factor was found on the 25th curve; taking into account all the other cores running curves this was the 2400th curve of only 9600 I planned to run before handing the problem to CADO-NFS, so I'm counting myself quite lucky!
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