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This winter's handiwork project - begun the week after Christmas - was to build a display mount for a large (45kg) iron meteorite I'd bought some years back on eBay, which had been sadly languishing in a 5-gallon industrial-paint-style bucket at back of my bedroom closet ever since. Mount I finally came up with consists of a travertine limestone base - I wanted a single block there, but ended up using an epoxied sandwich of four 12" x 12" floor tiles - topped with a block of natural sandstone I fished from one of the fake streams in my apartment complex, which had recently all been redone, leaving this nicely-squared-off block sitting glaringly out of place among the rounded natural river rocks in the spot in question. Clearly it was crying out to be rescued. Drilled a trio of 3/4-dia. holes in that to hold three lengths of steel rod - also a salvage item, found an 18"-long rod lying along a local roadside, appears to have been some kind of tie-rod from the undercarriage of a truck - forming a tripod to cradle the meteorite. The drilling proved to be the hardest part - one expects sandstone to be fairly soft and easy to work, but this block was sand which had apparently eroded from some kind of hard mineral, it ended up taking a diamond-encrusted hollow-core drill bit (which was completely worn out at the end) and hours of steady heavy pressure using the drill press on my patio workbench, with water to lubricate things. I went through a lot of ibuprofen that week! Once the mount was complete spent a few weekend afternoons wiping down the surface of the space rock with a mineral-oil-soaked cloth to remove the worst of the accumulated surface rust, stuck furniture-style felt adhesive rounds on top of the support rods, and hoisted that sucker into place:
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