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Default Srbsieve.ini files for starting up new ranges and conjectures

On September 30th 2015, I began work on creating srbsieve.ini files for all partially and untested bases. The work has now completed. The work of creating these 318 srbsieve.ini files wich is contained in the attached zip-file, took 3 month and 19 days and required the creation of ~25700 files.

There is a few important notes, that you have to follow:

1. If you don't know srbsieve and/or NewPGen, then please reach out in a PM
2. Always use the latest version of srbsieve, PFGW and srsieve unless Rogue has stated otherwise
3. The srbsieveSXXX.ini covers the Sierpinski conjectures and has to be renamed to srbsieve.ini before running srbsieve
4. The srbsieveRXXX.ini covers the Riesel conjectures and has to be renamed to srbsieve.ini before running srbsieve
5. Check always that kmax=conjectured k minus 1 (if the conjectured k for your base is less than 1G)
6. Do only change kmin= and kmax= if your reserved k range is greater than 1G and your range therefor is not covered by the srbsieve.ini file I created in advance.
7. Do not change anything in the srbsieve.ini file unless you know what you are doing
8. Don't think you know what you are doing if you are completely new to using srbsieve or NewPGen, it will bring you down a very dangerous composite road
9. Any questions, reach out in a PM.

Otherwise have fun and startup some untested bases/ranges

Take care

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