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I mean 250M non-unique.

At the start of December I did the C164 cofactor of 1920:2520 using 32-bit large primes and 14e, sieved 25M-75M for 247M relations (223M unique) in 3250 core-hours, and got a perfectly usable 12.2M matrix at density 70. At the start of November I'd done the C163 cofactor of 5748:1533 using 31-bit large primes and 14e, sieved 25M-75M for 152M relations (135M unique) in 3200 core-hours on the same cores and got a 9.8M matrix at density 70.

In my experience an SNFS-251 took about as long to sieve as a GNFS-172, and an SNFS-280 about as long as a GNFS-187; that suggests mid-170-digits is practical in _d and high-180-digits in _e.

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