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Originally Posted by cgy606 View Post
Then it began factoring the c111. I got this message:

scheduler: switching to sieve method
WARNING: could not find .\gnfs-lasieve4I13e.exe, reverting to siqs!
starting SIQS on c111: 100161219072059308916765798561813692699230227716372774239075663896586176799506913321511399248905585401871428823
random seeds: 14744477, 1073972731

Can somebody tell me why the gnfs is not working and how to fix it. I have been told that nfs is much faster then siqs on number of this size. Thank you,
I know this has been answered before, but I can't find it. This thread is getting huge.

Get the ggnfs binaries from here (on linux) or here (windows) and then add a line to the yafu.ini file indicating where you put them on your filesystem.

for example:
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