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Otte8 2018-01-23 22:29

I lost all of my progres!
So the thing is, yesterday i lost all of my progres of my prp wich were at 50%, the reason that happend, was that i lost my battery and the files corrrupted i guess. Can't seem to find them anyways. So i installed Prime95 again and yet can't seem to figure out how to pickup were i left. I can still see on the mersenne site, that i knows what my progress were.
Please help me
Thanks :):smile:

LaurV 2018-01-24 02:15

The server does not remember anything beside of the last checkpoint that you reported. So it knows you are 50% on the way, that is all. You can not use any information from the server to "resume" or "restore" your work. You have to find the local checkpoint files, in the folder where P95 was installed before. They can not be all destroyed, usually P95 makes copies of the old files before creating new files on top of them. So, you should have the backup files somewhere.

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