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Beaumont 2014-07-02 19:46

Changing Number of Threads Based on Day/Night
I know you can change how much memory is allocated to search based on the day/night, but I was wondering if I could change the number of threads that are running based on the time automatically? I have a hex core processor and usually (provided I'm not running computations for anything else) just run two threads in the background while I'm online or playing games. But at night, is there a way to bump that up to six threads? It's not even using a 1/3 of my memory overnight, so memory isn't a limiting factor.

TheMawn 2014-07-02 20:23

Well, you can manually do it, if that's good enough for you. However, I don't know of any option like that, although it certainly is a good feature idea.

Another way you [I]might[/I] be able to accomplish that is running two separate Prime95 instances, one of which runs two workers and the other which runs four.

I don't like to make any assumptions when helping people out like this, but if you're concerned about your computer's performance while running Prime95, it really should not be affected. Prime95, by default, runs at the lowest priority possible. I turn off the trial factoring software on my GPU when I'm playing anything more intensive than League of Legends but even games like Crysis run perfectly smoothly while I have all four of my cores running Prime95.

Beaumont 2014-07-02 21:18

Yeah. I was aware of the manual setting. I'm not able to open a second instance of prime95. But, I'll try to see how my computer performs when I run six threads during the day with a lower memory setting. Just wanted to check to see if there was some kind of setting for it, already.

Thank you for the quick response!

Prime95 2014-07-02 21:37

To start a second prime95, you'll need to copy prime95.exe to a new folder.

LaurV 2014-07-03 02:45

[QUOTE=Beaumont;377228]Changing Number of Threads Based on Day/Night[/QUOTE]
Phew! I am relieved now... When I read the title I thought that the number of threads [U]on the forum[/U] changes during the night... :wink: You see, being on the other side of the ball we call earth, I am only reading the forum during the night. And I wondered what the forum says during the day...

(do I watch too many vampire movies? - forgivable, being Romanian... :wink: )

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