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paulunderwood 2014-02-03 05:09

If you find a prime...
Before submission to the top5000 primes database...

LLR automatically proves prime NeRDs (N) that have more than 50% factorization of N+1

If the factorization of N+1 is 33%-50%, [URL=""]PFGW[/URL] will be need to be run.

If the 30%-33% is achieved then we can run a Pari-GP script called [URL=""][/URL] (Konyagin-Pomerance.)

Finally, if 25%-30% is achieved, we can run another Pari-GP script called [URL=""]CHG.GP[/URL] (Coppersmith-Howgrave-Graham.)

Less than 25% factorization was not sieved and is not included in the input files.

Please, attribute LLR/PFGW/KP/CHG as required along with [URL=""]Ksieve[/URL] and [URL=""]TOPS[/URL] (The Other Prime Search.)

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