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Unregistered 2011-04-18 03:54

Unable to open log file
I'm getting an error in the communication window that says "Unable to open log file." and the work windows keep saying "No work to do at the present time. Waiting." This is strange because THERE IS NO LOG FILE... I don't see this addressed in the help files or forum and my account does not seem to be registering a physical computer doing work on behalf of my username. Selecting manual communication doesn't help. Suggestions?

Uncwilly 2011-04-18 05:53

Where do you have the program installed? If you have it installed in \Program Files, Windows won't let it write files. Try installing it on to the desktop.

Check to make sure the folder and files are not write protected.

Tim Rooney 2011-06-07 16:15

Great advice! I tried to put the folder with the application in \Program Files direcroty and I got the error. When I moved the application folder outside of \Program Files directory, that fixed the problem.

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