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Joe O 2006-10-19 11:44

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Has anyone heard from Kamcobill lately? He seems to be stuck at 113626970351621. He and Citrix are the only two gaps below 125000.
In the attached graph, green is the last six months of factors and blue is older than that.

Joe O 2006-10-31 03:36

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LTD just made the current factor file available.
Factors processed in October are in green.
Factors processed before October are in blue.
There are 8 gaps:
Last Update: Mon 30-Oct-2006 21:53 (GMT)

RATIO: 113626.97G - 114017.85G, size: 390.88G, est fact: 45 (113626970351621-114017847691213) R: 1.714, S: 0.525
( 373.03G) : 113400 114000 PSP_Group KAMCOBILL

RATIO: 124648.67G - 125011.34G, size: 362.67G, est fact: 29 (124648672191347-125011340164631) R: 1.451, S: 0.247
( 351.33G) : 122000 125000 PSP_Group Citrix

RATIO: 136454.76G - 137003.63G, size: 548.87G, est fact: 59 (136454757043529-137003625475879) R: 2.003, S: 0.592
( 545.24G) : 136400 137000 PSP_Group Footmaster

RATIO: 147986.21G - 148304.86G, size: 318.65G, est fact: 20 (147986212162231-148304859681523) R: 1.074, S: 0.176
( 300.00G) : 148000 148300 PSP_Group Sloth

RATIO: 158021.94G - 159010.21G, size: 988.27G, est fact: 73 (158021939050609-159010213522571) R: 3.108, S: 0.951
( 978.06G) : 158000 159000 PSP_Group strates

RATIO: 162302.85G - 163001.61G, size: 698.76G, est fact: 60 (162302853104753-163001608677571) R: 2.143, S: 0.422
( 697.15G) : 162100 163000 PSP_Group NeoGen

RATIO: 168666.57G - 169017.64G, size: 351.08G, est fact: 14 (168666565714501-169017644745163) R: 1.039, S: 0.086
( 300.00G) : 168700 169000 PSP_Group Sloth

RATIO: 182470.44G - 183016.13G, size: 545.69G, est fact: 27 (182470436427911-183016126853863) R: 1.491, S: 0.248
( 200.00G) : 182500 182700 PSP_Group ltd (combined)
( 300.00G) : 182700 183000 PSP_Group ltd (combined)

ltd 2006-10-31 11:34

I will have to check why there are some completed ranges marked as gaps.
This will take place next weekend.

I was sure that i imported all of them but the results prove me wrong. I am quite sure that these are all errors from my side as two of my own ranges are also missing.


ltd 2006-11-04 10:42

I fear the checks will have to wait another week as i will only have one day at home this sunday and there are more then enough other things to be done.


Sloth 2006-11-04 14:12

[QUOTE=ltd;90626]I fear the checks will have to wait another week as i will only have one day at home this sunday and there are more then enough other things to be done.


Glad to hear my slacking off on digging up info on the missing ranges does not add work for you. I found one set of the data and sent that in. I hope the dates help on finding the other set on your end.


ltd 2006-11-04 22:28

I already found that i have received the factors from Sloth and from strates.
I also found one of the files from my completed ranges. (For the other i have to check a PC i can earliest reach on monday)
I don't know yet what i made wrong so that the data did not apear in the factor base.

The error is completely on my side. I am sorry for that.


ltd 2006-11-05 18:52

For the gaps there was a missunderstanding between Joe and me. I thought he found the gaps in the PSP factors and he really meant the there were gaps in the SOB factors.

These gaps are only virtual. It has to do with the fact that i have not reported the SOB factors for some time.
There are no missing factors in PSP.

They are all available. So the whole confusion came from the fact that i had not enough time to work for the project and for the participants as i should have done.



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