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MisterBitcoin 2018-01-21 13:55

I was just taking a look into the "U" database and found a few [COLOR=Red]even[/COLOR] numbers, like [URL=""]this[/URL].
Why are people uploading such numbers???

Any how, that a look at he amount of factors. :smile:

Just fully factored this even number: [URL=""]10^100000*3 [/URL]
Someone just uploaded/checked this number...rly?

chris2be8 2018-01-22 17:31

That number is (10^100000-1)*2/9 and submitting that as a factor caused factordb to express it as that. Which saves a little bandwidth when looking at that page.

It also has a load of algebraic factors. Which is why it had so many small factors.


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