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CRGreathouse 2009-03-06 00:56

64-bit Pari?
I'm setting up a new computer [SIZE="1"](to all here and on physicsforums who gave advice on making it work, thank you)[/SIZE], and I just set up Pari.

My essential question: [b]How do I compile it as a 64-bit program rather than a 32-bit program?[/b]

This was my first time compiling it: I had tried earlier in MinGW, but it was painfully difficult and I gave up. Now that I'm running Linux (Xubuntu Hardy Heron) it's much easier, but not trivial.

I first set up MPIR (configure, make, make tuneup, tuneup -f1000000 [and paste results], make clean, make, make check, sudo make install), which worked very well: it auto-detected my CPU/OS combination without trouble. The only hitch was that I needed m4, but I was able to apt-get that.

I then set up Pari (Configure --tune --with-gmp --with-qt, make all, sudo make install) after some trouble (missing libc6-dev, though it didn't tell me that, followed by some bizarre non-replicatable errors). It built and linked to MPIR properly, but treated my Phenom II system like a 32-bit system. I imagine it would be faster if compiled as 64-bit, yes?

Joshua2 2009-03-12 23:58

I would love it if someone would compile a 64-bit pari for windows. I have a quad core q6600, and vista x64. I'm sorry I can't help you CRG with linux. I have visual studio 2008 if that helps anyone.

CRGreathouse 2009-03-13 04:22

A 64-bit version for Windows would be more valuable -- larger userbase. But still...

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