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Prime95 2009-02-01 03:16

I'll look at the WinXP battery problem when I return from vacation in March

Kevin 2009-02-01 07:32

For the sake of having more data when you get back...

I've got a single core laptop with v25.7 and XP running P-1 factoring, and it'll pause when I go to battery but it won't restart after I plug back in unless I tell the client to 'stop' and then 'continue'.

Prime95 2009-03-09 23:16

[QUOTE=SIegmund;161032]Speculation: if the cord is unplugged and replugged within the space of a couple seconds, the LL test client is busy shutting down and writing results at the time the AC power comes back on. Easy fix by having it re-check the power state after it finishes shutting down[/QUOTE]

Excellent analysis. Bug will be fixed in 25.9 build 4.

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