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tha 2006-12-14 00:12

Graph of server assignments
Just for the fun of it, I tried to create a graph of all server assignments by the Primenet server (v4)

The graph is at [URL=""] my server.[/URL]

The horizontal axis is the number of hours that have passed since the report was made. The vertical axis is the number of assignments per hour that were made by the server.

The blue line is for all the accounts that are registered as a single dot for the account name. The green line is for all accounts that have a UserID and a computerID that was chosen by the user. The red line are accounts with a server assigned userID and computerID. The totals for these three categories in the entire status file are listed in the memofield above.

The red spikes are periods of one or a few hours in which a single client seems to have gone wild. There a no spikes in the two other lines at those times.

Although there are as many assignments in the report to 'server assigned ID' accounts as 'user chosen ID's' the number of assignments per hour to the first category is higher. But these assignments are usually not prolonged and therefor last shorter in the report.

garo 2006-12-14 00:24

nice one!

All times are UTC. The time now is 19:12.

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