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ET_ 2021-02-12 13:01

FIR Filters
Maybe this post should belong to the "programming" thread, but I'm sure I will find more ARM programmers here.

I am studying FIR filters, and need some code implementations to learn, preferably in ARM ASM, or in C.
What I would like to see is an ASM module that, given the input parameters via an external GUI, performs the convolution and delivers the results.

Could you please help me, either with code or with links?

Thank you :smile:

Luigi :et_:

LaurV 2021-02-13 09:20

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In the CMSIS standard package for Cortex M4 there are many samples of filtering implemented for STM32F4 and L4. You can install the STM32CubeMX package (you will need it anyhow, once you get that "box" we talked about), open any project for any F4 or L4 or F7 or H7 (thingies with DSP inside), assign some pins, turn on some peripherals, and click "generate code". You will get a tree of subfolders in the CMSIS folder, look into DSP subfolder, there are different samples and tutorial for FIR filters in DSPLib_TestSuite\commons (headers and sources), in "DSP\Examples", and in "DSP\Sources". AFAICT, they are different things, different dependencies, I will attach here the one in Examples, just for reference (and because it is by far the shortest) but I didn't dig into it and I don't know what you need and the dependencies to make it working. There are few other folders there with fir-decimate, fir-interpolate, fir-lattice, but those are far larger. No idea what they do. Therefore I searched for files containing the called function, and dropped them in a zip. Interesting, there are two versions of the function, one is optimized for the Neon "gpu". Better you can dig into it by yourself. You can pass me a skype ID by PM, if you need any support to play with CubeMX.

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