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junky 2004-02-27 00:21

wrong pool, why?
hi guys, i've helped my twin yesterday to install NFS on his machine. He doesnt have a lot of RAM, so yesterday sometime, he got an IDLE, so i told him, he was banned, and he could try today when he'll wake up.

He called me tonight, to make sure everything was oky. so he past me the beginning of the output:
23:38:36 NFSNET Client - V 1.0
23:38:38 Initializing...
23:38:38 Initialized.
23:38:41 Requesting assignment...
23:38:58 Received assignment (Longhorn 2_811M_1 49936918-49936919)...
23:38:58 Building .in file...
23:38:58 Updating project .in file with assigned range...
23:38:58 Launching siever...
23:44:37 Siever finished...
23:44:37 Submitting results...
23:44:39 Results successfully submitted.

I've remarked he's in pool Longhorn and im in Fenland, is it normal ?
what can cause he isn't in the same pool as me ?


dsouza123 2004-02-27 00:55

Looking at details.txt shows the following two pools.

assignmentserver [url]http://.......Server.NFSNet.Org/NFSNET/Longhorn/Dispatcher.cgi[/url]

#assignmentserver [url][/url]

As long as you aren't in Cantab, the assignmentserver from the earlier version of the program, it is fine.

It may be when you started (with current version) or upgraded to the current version of the program that determines which pool.
Maybe it is the physical location/ip address that determines the pool you join.
Maybe it is just random but either is fine.

junky 2004-02-27 01:05

ha, then it's cool.

how many Pools are available now for clients just to know ?

dsouza123 2004-02-27 01:17

Two, as far as I can tell.

xilman 2004-02-27 16:31

[QUOTE=dsouza123]Two, as far as I can tell.[/QUOTE]
The great majority of clients connect to one of two pools, called Cantab and Fenland. Both are hosted on a server which is physically located at Microsoft Research's Lab in Cambridge, UK.

A small number connect to one of the pools maintained by Wacky in Austin, Texas. There are quite a few of them. One is called Longhorn.

There are (at least) 2 special-purpose pools which hardly anyone sees. For instance, the brave souls running the alpha-test off-line client use the "Offline" pool. Machines on the MSR Cambridge intranet use the MSRC pool. Both I and Microsoft's security team would be rather upset if you could see that pool!


junky 2004-02-27 21:47

cool for clarification xilman, thanks.

it's true, microsoft won't be happy if we were allow to enter in their intranet. hhehe

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