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carpetpool 2020-07-26 13:08

Wagstaff factors
Wagstaff factors currently aren't on the Top20's page and was thinking about asking Prof. Caldwell or one of his editors to consider making an [URL=""]archivable form[/URL] for Wagstaff Cofactors similar to [URL=""]Mersenne Cofactors[/URL]. I recall there being a list of some ECPP certified factors. On top of that, I might need 2 or 3 extra articles regarding factorizations of 2^n+1, or 2^n±1.

There appears to be a lot of work done over the years regarding Wagstaff numbers so I thought this would be a feasible goal. :smile:

Edit: [URL=""]Here[/URL] is an article to get started. So really, I just need one more article. If no one knows of one, I'll just write it myself.

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